As per the section 4 of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, it is mandatory for the promoter to disclose various information and section 11, all the projects are updated every quarterly.MahaRERA has provided various Forms which allows you to update and provide information to the Authority on every quarter as per the requirement of the Act.

1) Form 1 (Architect’s Certificate):

This is a form to be provided by the Architect of the project for providing the status of work done on the project and also for withdrawal of money from the designated bank account

2) Form 2 (Engineer’s Certificate):

This is a certificate provided by the engineer of the project while registration, providing for the estimated of cost for obtaining Occupancy Certificate of the project. The certificate also provides for the estimated cost incurred and pending cost required to finish the project. This certificate for withdrawal of money from the designated bank account.

3) Form 2A (Quality Assurance Certificate):

This is a certificate provided by the Site Supervisor of the project which mentions about quality of materials used and quality of workmanship done at the site. This certificate is to be uploaded every quarter on the MahaRERA portal by the promoter for projects registered after December 1, 2018.

4) Form 3 (Chartered Accountant’s Certificate):

This certificate provides for the total estimated cost of the project and also the incurred cost. The certificate covers the proportion of cost incurred under various heads providing for amount that can be withdrawn from the designated bank account. Certificate also provides for the total inventory valuation along with the sold inventory statement.

5) Form 4 (Architect’s Completion Certificate):

This certificate is issued by the Architect of the project on completion of the project and after the project has received Occupancy Certificate from the respective local authority. This certificate is required to be uploaded along with the occupancy certificate under the designated space on the application

6) Form 5 (Statutory Audit Certificate):

This certificate by the statutory auditor of the promoter is an annual certificate. This certificate is produced by the auditor after completing the audit of the fund collected and utilized from the RERA designated account. This certificate is to be uploaded with 6 months from the financial year closure.

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