Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has turned the ideal and effective model to resolve disputes between the buyers and sellers, so much so that other states have also decided to implement the MahaRERA blueprint in their respective states as well. According to the state housing department, government representatives of six states — Goa, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Chattisgad, and Karnataka — had visited the state and showed their willingness to adopt the MahaRERA model in their respective states. Gautam Chatterjee, chairman of MahaRERA told DNA that the most of the states liked the RERA's effective mechanism to resolve the dispute between the buyers and sellers.

Adding that there were three main aspects they liked about MahaRERA, he said, "Besides our positive approach to address the grievances, what makes our model attractive is its transparency. Every detail of each project is made public so that anyone can access it. They liked our software where we have put up all our registered projects on Google Maps. Everything is in the public domain. Coming to the issue of settling the buyer-seller dispute, we are not here to escalate the tension and fight between the developers and buyers. In the end, the developer wants to complete the project while buyers want a home. We try to meet this demand. Moreover, we are also trying to bridge the trust deficit gap between the buyers and developers by taking feasible steps," Chatterjee said

He further said that complaints of 80 per cent of the buyers are addressed at the primary level only. "Therefore, Maha RERA is turning out to be a successful concept across the country. Telangana had recently requested to develop their state RERA website. We are happy that in the limited period we have achieved this immense success that benefited both the buyers and the sellers," Chatterjee added.

A Maharashtra housing department official said that the central housing department was also impressed with their work. "They have arranged a workshop on RERA for the western states of our country in Pune on September 10 where we will play a vital role. So far with MahaRERA, over 17000 projects have been registered. The ratio of registrations and addressing grievances are much higher and more effective than other states. No wonder our model has turned out to be very successful," said official requesting anonymity.

He further said that developers in Maharashtra are also displaying its MahaRERA registration numbers in their projects advertisements. "We had made it mandatory. It is our duty to give confidence to buyers that his/her invested money will not go waste. At the same time, we are keeping checks on errant developers so that they do not cheat gullible buyers."

As indicated by segment 11(2) of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, the ad or outline issued or distributed by the promoter is required to say the site address of the expert wherein all points of interest of the enrolled venture are entered and incorporate the undertaking's MahaRERA enlistment number.

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