Despite repeated requests from Maha-Rera, the developers refused to register the projects under the Maha-Rera Act even though it is mandatory under law. We are hearing cases against 120 out of the 300 developmental projects that was identified by the Maha-Rera. Hearing for the rest will also begin soon. It is mandatory for all developers to come under the purview of the Rera act,” said Gautam Chatterjee, chairman, Maha-Rera. Maharashtra real estate regulatory authority (Maha-Rera) identified 300 projects in Pune and Mumbai, as of May 2018, which were under development but had not got the required approvals from the agencies concerned. Despite repeated requests from Maha-Rera, the developers refused to register the projects under the Maha-Rera Act even though it is mandatory under law. Consequently, action was initiated.

“Strict action will be taken against developers who fail to abide by the Act and continue to work without seeking proper sanctions and approvals,” Chaterjee said, adding that Rera courts will announce verdicts on these 120 cases in the next two months. As per the Rera act, the court has to complete the cases in a given time frame of 60 days from the date of filing. Chatterjee refused to reveal the breakdown of how many of the 120 projects were in Pune or to name any at this stage. A senior official from the Pune Rera office requesting anonymity said, “The authorities have written to the district collectors and municipal commissioners of both the regions where these projects are being developed. We will examine all the documents and sanctions that the developers must possess before commencement of work.”

We will ask the concerned government agencies to act against such developers under the Maharashtra regional town Planning Act, the official said. Maha-Rera has so far received 9,000 emails from across the state on their official customer redressal email address, giving details of projects that have failed to abide by the Maha-Rera Act. Of these, 7, 000 emails have been validated by officials.“Although the number is huge, Maha-Rera is committed to taking action against all such projects thus helping the consumers,” said Chaterjee.A total of 25, 000 projects are registered under Rera across the country. With 16,200 realty projects covering around 18 lakh apartments registered with Maha-Rera, it is the leading real estate regulator in the country. At least 3,000 projects are registered in Pune. 

“The Pune court of Maha-Rera has been established in March to facilitate complainants from Pune and Aurangabad division but we have certain constraints owing to lack of authority given. The Pune court can only hear cases related to compensation and interest related to delay taht the buyers face to get possession of the homes,” said FD Jadhav, deputy secretary, Maha-Rera. The Maharashtra real estate regulatory authority (Maha-Rera) established the Pune court of Maha-Rera in March to hear the cases from Pune and Aurangabad. Though the court has been operational, it is faced with certain limitations.

“Even if there are major happenings in the city, for example, if the developer refuses to give possession of the homes to the buyers despite the latter’s completion of payment, the Pune court cannot take action as we do not have the authority to register such cases here. Hence, the consumers have to travel to the Mumbai court of Rera for every hearing, which is one of the problems, raised by customers.”

Raising concerns over the limitations of the Rera court of Pune, prominent city activist Vijay Kumbhar said, “The entire purpose of having a court in the city is futile since it has major authority limitations. Maha-Rera must give the Pune court authority to preside over the cases arising in its region so as to ensure effective and timely action on the developers who are failing to abide by the law.”

So far, Pune court has pronounced verdicts on 150 cases out of the total 300 cases that were transferred to Pune from Mumbai. While earlier there were only two adjudicating officers in the Pune rera court, Maha-Rera has appointed another adjudicating officer named WK Kanabarkar in the first week of October. Source – Hindustan Times 

As indicated by segment 11(2) of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, the ad or outline issued or distributed by the promoter is required to say the site address of the expert wherein all points of interest of the enrolled venture are entered and incorporate the undertaking's MahaRERA enlistment number.

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