According to rule 3(5)(i) of Maharashtra Real Estate rules 2019, Government charges for RERA Registration has reduced to 10,000 for project size upto 1,000 Square meter.

Plotted development means the projects where land is developed into plots for the purpose of selling all or some of the said plots

In rule 3 of the principal Rules, in sub-rules (5) in clause (i), −

(1) for the words “minimum of rupees fifty thousand only” the words “minimum of rupees ten thousand ” shall be substituted;

(2) after the words “rupees ten lakhs”, the following shall be added, namely:- “and in case of plotted development, the promoter shall pay registration fee, calculated on the area of the land proposed to be developed, at rate of rupees five per square meter.”

The development cost or cost of construction of the project shall not include marketing and brokerage expenses towards sale of apartments. Such expenses though part of the project cost, should not be borne form the amount that is required to be deposited in the designated separate account"

Period for conveyance of title, by Promoter, to organization of allottees in case of Layout.– (a) In the case of a building or a wing of a building in a Layout, the Promoter shall (subject to his right to dispose of the remaining apartments, if any) execute the conveyance of the structure of that building or wing of that building (excluding basements and podiums) within three months from the date of issue of occupancy certificate.”; (b) In the case of a layout, the Promoter shall execute the conveyance of the entire undivided or inseparable land underneath all buildings jointly or otherwise, within three months from the date of issue of occupancy certificate to the last of the building or wing in the layout.”"

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