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Our aim is to guarantee that the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act i.e RERA, 2016 is executed in letter and in spirit. This landmark act has altered Real Estate Industry and has ensured that the rights of the Real Estate Developers and the Buyers are equally secured to certify that the foundation of the economy, endeavours and accomplishes unparalleled heights.

Real Estate Industry holds the second place with its 7% contribution to the GDP of India, which expected to cross 13% by 2025. Moreover, it is estimated that by 2030, Real Estate shall reach a market size of US$1 trillion. RERA Easy aims to play a vital role in making sure that the true potential of this industry is unveiled by enabling our clients to leave the worries of meeting legal and technical prerequisites on us and concentrate on their core business.

RERA Easy is the first and one of its kind that has united the experienced thinkers and has formed a council of Chartered Accountants, Advocates and Engineers under one roof for the viable usage of RERA. Even before the Act was notified in Maharashtra, members of RERA Easy had already analysed each and every word of the Act and have handheld its client in recognizing the true essence of RERA. RERA was implemented in Maharashtra on 1st May 2017 and in just short span of five years, RERA Easy has served over 1200+ developers in registering their real estate projects and also helped them in adhering to various compliances under the Act.

RERA Easy was conceptualized with an idea to ensure that an era of 3Ts - Transparency, Trust and Timely project completion is brought to the real world, a vision which we share with MahaRERA. We have helped our clients - developer and buyers alike, in understanding that RERA, is certifiably not a one-time action and that there are duties presented to both parties to ensure that the project is completed in a timely manner.

Real Estate Industry could never truly take advantage of the ‘word of the mouth’ publicity. It has often been observed that the relations between a developer and a buyer are often strained and there is bitterness by the time a project is completed. The goodwill enjoyed by the prominent developers is also on the basis of their financial position and not on account of maintaining the promised deadlines. However, RERA Easy has strived that a long-lasting relationship is built between all the stakeholders in a project by encouraging them to perform their duties in a diligent manner. To gain trust of the buyers, it is fundamental for the developers to be transparent & efficient.

Unfortunately, though, there are a few bad apples in this industry who have attempted, and in some cases succeeded, to take advantage of innocent buyers who aren’t aware of their rights and are often clueless about the legal formalities, who subsequently fall victim to such unethical practices. These fraudulent and crooked people are a shame to not only the developer community but also to humanity. RERA Easy ambitions to exterminate such deceitful people and guarantees justice for underprivileged free of cost. As of date, for every 10 cases that RERA Easy takes, 3 are pro bono.

RERA Easy is aware that buyers run through their life’s worth of savings when purchasing real estate, but even though such stringent laws exist, as per ‘Caveat Emptor’, it is the duty of buyer to confirm the veracity of the developer’s title to a stated project and if the project has adhered to all of the guidelines and rules of RERA. We have served over 1000 buyers in authenticating if the project is RERA complied. Our energy lies in the fact that we have studied and have updated ourselves on each and every nook and corner of the Real Estate Industry and have successfully represented developers and buyers alike.

RERA Easy believes that we as a company are not only responsible to our customers, but to the public at large. We recognise it as our moral duty to take care of the society that has given us this opportunity to serve the real estate industry. RERA Easy encourages its developers’ side of clientele to go green and use environment friendly steps for sustainable development. During the pandemic of Covid-19, we have, in collaboration with developer associations, made efforts to decrease the pain of immigrant workers by setting up transit camps and had additionally made the association for meals and travel.

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