The biggest dilemma for homebuyers is associated with the authenticity of the potential properties enlisted by them and their title verification. We here at RERA Easy, certify the authenticity of the potential properties for you in addition to verifying and checking the title of the land and ascertaining whether you should buy the property or not.

We are experts in both manual and online property searches, and we check for every possible lien/encumbrance associated with the property. We examine chain deeds, the flow of title, the applicability of the laws of the land, the enforceability of all requisite documents, physical verification of revenue records by visitation to government offices.

History is the precautionary guideline for the future -

What must be checked and verified?

The first and most important thing to do before purchasing a property is to conduct a title search. A property title search is defined as a term to determine property ownership and as proof of the right to have a say in that property.

  1. Ownership Information:

    Ownership information includes all documents proving ownership and title transfer, such as sale deed, gift deed, conveyance deed, will, partition deed, etc.

  2. Chain of Title

    It is prevalent for a property to change hands multiple times. As a result, title verification involves checking and verifying the title of the current owner and previous owners.

  3. Derivation of Title

    It is necessary to understand how the transferor has acquired the title relating to the said property. Usually, a title comes - sale or purchase, will or legacy, gift, partition, lease.

  4. Nature of the Correct of the Transferor

    Ownership is said to be fundamental when the owner has unrestricted rights of possession, enjoyment and disposition; Otherwise, the ownership is said to be limited.

  5. Legal Competency of The Transferor

    When verifying property rights, it is necessary to confirm the legal capacity of the property owner.

  6. Nature of Property and Land Use

    Whether the property is private or public, its nature must be determined at the time of title verification.

  7. Development & Construction

    If the property is under construction or has already been developed, the process of verifying ownership is extended.

How does it Work?

You will be provided with a list of documents related to the property. After receiving the available records, the property lawyer will begin the verification process.

  1. Property document analysis:

    Verification will be completed by carefully checking the property records provided by the sub-registrar's office and your documents. These documents will also be verified to check that the documents are registered and that the appropriate stamp duty has been paid.

  2. Review & Analysis:

    After document verification is complete, the property lawyer will analyse and prepare a detailed report.

  3. Detailed consultation:

    Your consultation call will be with the property attorney to discuss your property report.

  4. Title Search Report:

    The lawyer on your letterhead will issue the final letter of opinion or title search report with details.

Why Choose Us?

The decision to buy a property is vital. ReraEasy helps buyers with property title search before purchasing a property. Whether you are looking to buy a piece of land, an apartment or a bungalow, we can help you establish title to the property, cross-check the seller's identity and other vital issues before purchasing any property.

  1. We Provide Full Consultations:

    Property title searches can be complex due to the complexity of the relevant property documents, so we provide full consultations to our clients.

  2. We Value Our Clients:

    ReraEasy is a comprehensive consulting platform for clients seeking property title search. Our clients are satisfied with our services because we value our clients.

  3. We Have a Track Record of Success:

    RERA was implemented in Maharashtra on 1st May 2017, the same year we were incorporated. In just five years, ReraEasy has provided real estate project registration services for more than 1,200 developers.

  4. We're Always Available:

    Whether manual or online title search, we are at your service, we check for all possible liens/encumbrances associated with the property.

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