Professional Certificates for Developers

Real Estate sector is recognised as the second largest employment sector in India. A single Real Estate Project involves the participation of various Professionals including Architects, Engineer, CA and Advocate. Most details to be updated in MahaRERA website have to be approved and certified by the respective professionals. The promoter can withdraw the funds from the RERA Account only on the basis of the Professional Certificates i.e. Form 1 - Architect Certificate , Form 2 - Engineer Certificate and Form 3 - CA Certificate.

Also, as per section 4(2)(l)(D), the promoter shall submit the RERA Annual Audit Report i.e Form 5 before 30th September for the preceding year. Each certificate has its own value.

RERA Easy has got vast experience and a thorough knowledge in drafting such certificates in a correct manner as per the RERA rules. As per the RERA Rules, the certificate for prescribing the limit up to which the developer can withdraw from the RERA Account must be certified by the Chartered Accountant other than the Statutory CA. RERA Easy has issued more than 5000 ‘Form 3’ till date.

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