1. Agent Renewal

A Real Estate agent's Registration Certificate under the RERA is valid for 5 years, depending on the state where the agent is registered. It will expire on the death of the Real Estate agent or in case of voluntary surrender. If the Real Estate agent does not apply for renewal within 60 days of the expiration date of the previous certificate, it will expire.

Most agents probably don't think about their continued Real Estate license renewal until the last moment and then panic sets in as they scramble to organize their renewal documents and fees.

However, there is some good news!

With RERA Easy, all such compliances can be taken care of, and your Real Estate agent license renewal can be completed well within the stipulated timeframe. Not only will you be prepared, but you'll also have more time to figure out what else needs your attention.

We have streamlined RERA agent registration and renewal services into a seamless experience to help you renew your license on time. Contact RERA Easy today to know more.

2. Registration with RERA

We here at RERA Easy, assist you in drafting all the prerequisite applications required for the RERA Registration in addition to vetting all the documents required and verification of details. We file the application on your behalf and ensure timely execution for the same. We follow up with the MahaRERA authorities till the generation of your certificate. We make sure that you face no difficulty whatsoever in generating your certificate and renewal for the same.

3. Drafting of Contracts

We are experts in drafting the contract form to be executed between the buyer/builder and the Real estate agent. This contract ensures your safety and protection and makes sure that all your rights are maintained and liabilities restricted and managed in the event of any damage.

The consideration to be received by the Real Estate Agents at the successful completion of the deal and the time period for making the payment shall be defined in the contract.

Various other clauses of the Contract shall be beneficial for the business of Real Estate Agents

4. Registration of Agreements

We here at RERA Easy provide registration services to our clients at the concerned office of the sub-registrar of assurances. End to End service for registration of documents is provided by us and we ensure minimal wait time for our clients at the concerned Government Offices.

Various other contracts as required by Agents during the course of their business are Agreement for Sale, Resale Agreements, Leave and License Agreements, Development Agreements, Power of Attorney, Sale Deeds, Conveyance Deeds, Cancellation Agreements, Undertakings, Declarations, Affidavits, etc. are being drafted us.

5. ERP Software

In this busy world, we all face time constraints. You can however realize a promising output by availing of our software package, which provides seamless integration of the various activities of business operations and accounting. It will be the memory of the firm bearing details of available inventories, visitor details, walk-in details, apartments showcased and advertised, contract letters entered into with clients.

The package provided by us is unbelievably easy on the pocket!

6. Training

Aspiring to become a successful Real Estate? It would require a lot more than just basic knowledge about the product you are trying to sell. Real Estate has become a multidisciplinary and multi-faceted profession with cutthroat competition which requires a specific skill set to be ahead in the game, real estate agents should be trained not just ahead, but anew, assist leads and keep prospects engaged during the process.

Real estate is a numbers game and agents build or crumble on how well they follow up on leads and prospects. Also, buying and selling real estate can be a tricky process.

We here at RERA Easy, provide training sessions to Real Estate Agents and their teams whereby all duties, obligations, and rights of agents and their underlying concepts (provided by the Act) will be explained to the team with demonstrations.

The Application procedure for agents differs from state to state and who better to guide you on this than RERA Easy? Our training program is a comprehensive guide to becoming a successful Real Estate agent. Book your slots today and get a free RERA book along with state rules absolutely free of cost.

A free RERA book along with the state rules will be provided to the Agent from our side!

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