1. Registration with RERA

We draft all the applications that are required for RERA Agent Registration

We vet all the documents that are required to be procured and verify every detail.

We file the application on your behalf

We follow up with RERA Authorities till your certificate is generated

We also ensure that you have no difficulty in renewing your registration as and when required

2. Drafting of Contracts

We will draft a contract form to be executed between the Real Estate Agent and/or the Buyers/Builders. This contract has to be entered into before performance of any transaction. This would not only bring professionalism in the Real Estate Industry, but in the event of dispute, the terms of the contract would define the course of action to be taken.

The contract would save you from being cheated by and would ensure that you receive your due rights and that your liabilities are restricted in the event of any damages.

The consideration to be received by the Real Estate Agents at the successful completions of the deal and the time period for making the payment shall be defined in the contract.

Various other clauses of the Contract shall be beneficial for the business of Real Estate Agents.

3. Registration of Agreements

Various other contracts as required by Agents during the course of their business being Agreement for Sale, Resale Agreements, Leave and License Agreements, Development Agreements, Power of Attorney, Sale Deeds, Conveyance Deeds, Cancellation Agreements, Undertakings, Declarations, Affidavits, etc. are being drafted us.

Provide registration services to our clients at the concerned office of the sub-registrar of assurances. End to End service for registration of documents is provided by us and we ensure minimal wait time for our clients at the concerned Government Offices.

4. ERP Software

In this busy world we all face time constraints! You can however realize a promising output by availing our software package, which provides seamless integration of the various activities of business operations and accounting. It will be the memory of the firm bearing details of available inventories, visitor details, walk-in details, apartments showcased and advertised, contract letter entered into with clients.

The package provided by us is unbelievably easy on the pocket!

5. Training

We provide training sessions to Real Estate Agents and their teams whereby all duties, obligations and rights of agents and their underlying concepts (provided by the Act) will be explained to the team with demonstrations. The Application procedure for agents differs from state to state and who better to guide you on this than RERA Easy?

Real estate is a numbers game and agents build or crumble on how well they follow up on leads and prospects. Also, buying and selling real estate can be a tricky process. Thus, training real estate agents to think not just ahead, but anew, assist leads and keep prospects engaged during the process is imperative.

It is very direful if even for any inadvertent error the registration is revoked or rejected. In order to edify the agents in legally equipping their management and up Skilling work process, we provide a training session to real estate agents and their team, which covers All duties, obligations and rights of agents and their underlying concepts (provided by the Act) with demonstrations.

A free RERA book along with the state rules will be provided to the Agent from our side!

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